Trade Contributor Program

Join our free program and identify the risk in your account receivables.

Many risk professionals, just like you, are participating and reaping benefits from our Trade Contributor Program with no cost or obligation. By contributing trade data, risk professionals are able to enhance their understanding of their counterparties and identify those posing significant threat to their DSO (Days Sold Outstanding) and other performance metrics.

Receive the following benefits when you join our program:

  • Get action reports that identify risk in your counterparties by highlighting your receivables at risk, slow payers, hidden slow payers, and hidden high risks
  • See a stratified view of your receivable dollars by risk of bankruptcy probability
  • Identify those subsidiaries in your portfolio that are financially impacted by their public parent corporations
  • Receive alerts about public and private company bankruptcies

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Get our new private company score at no cost.

There has never been a better time to contribute trade to CreditRiskMonitor® since we are offering up our private company PAYCE® score featuring deep neural network AI as part of our analysis and reports.

The aggregation of trade data from all our contributors exposes rich insights and trends which in turn benefit all contributors. In fact, with a minimum number of contributors reporting and lines of trade on a particular counterparty, we can calculated a PAYCE® score on that private counterparty. So the more trade we receive, the larger our private company coverage becomes. Join the program today with no cost or obligation.

PAYCE® score

Then there's the Trade-Only option.

Trade Contributor Program

The Trade Contributor Program offers a trade-only subscription option, which is a great way to examine exactly how many dollars of your receivables are with public companies, and how risky those public companies are.

While clients who opt for the trade-only route are not provided FRISK® scores on the tens of thousands of public companies within our database, nevertheless they will get an abbreviated snapshot that shows how many of their accounts and how many dollars of their receivables we do cover with the FRISK®. Most subscribers are amazed when they see just how much of their business is at the mercy of dollars tied into public companies.

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