Brazil and the FRISK® score
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Brazil, the eighth-largest economy in the world, has experienced an anemic recovery from its 2014 recession. Amid currently poor business conditions, corporations with high financial risk should be carefully monitored.

Assessing Contraction Risk: The Technology Sector
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A contraction in credit is not something that might occur: It will happen at some point. Risk professionals dealing with the technology sector are better off preparing now, while economic conditions are still strong.

Protecting Against Rising Credit Risk in Turkey with the FRISK® Score
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Turkey has shown extremely high inflation and a steep current account deficit - and creditors who deal with business from Istanbul to Antalya should take heed.

Subscriber Crowdsourcing Underscores Windstream’s Financial Distress
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Windstream Holdings, Inc.'s FRISK® score is signaling financial stress, and subscriber crowdsourcing specifically shows that risk professionals have been on high alert for nearly a year.

Tintri, Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Cloud management services provider Tintri, Inc.'s elevated bankruptcy risk was signaled well in advance by our proprietary FRISK® score.

Customer Story

Fostering holistic account management with CreditRiskMonitor, Anixter International, Inc. Senior Director of Global Account Management Natalia Reed guides major players within a $7.6 billion company.

RCR Wireless News
Media Coverage

Journalist Kelly Hill of RCR Wireless, provider of wireless and mobile industry news, cites CreditRiskMonitor's Radisys Corporation High Risk Report in her coverage of India-based Reliance Industries' July 2018 purchase of struggling Radisys.

India Business
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India is an attractive market to penetrate due to its low operating costs and a diverse selection of companies in hot industries like technology - but with more than 1,000 public companies in the FRISK® "red zone," there's big-time risk in bringing business east.

Debt Problem
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If history is any guide, all risk professionals need to prepare for a worldwide economic downturn today or otherwise risk playing catch-up tomorrow.

Quantum Corporation High Risk Report
High Risk Report

Finances seem not to compute these days for California-based tech solutions provider Quantum Corporation, now at heightened risk of bankruptcy in 2018.

The FRISK® Score Predicts Scorecard

A recent study of the last two completed calendar years showed that CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a 97.9% rate of success.

Windstream Holdings, Inc.
High Risk Report

Windstream Holdings, Inc., is trending in the high-risk FRISK® "red zone," which is, in part, a reflection of its cumbersome debt load. But that's not the only trouble spot for this telecom provider.


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