Financial Challenges at Retailer Conn’s Identified by the FRISK® Score
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The financial fallout from the most recent holiday season may not provide comfort or joy for Conn’s, Inc., a specialty retailer of furniture, mattresses, home appliances and electronics.

2020 Visions: Retail Industry Facing Extreme Pressure
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CreditRiskMonitor’s FRISK® Stress Index today shows that the retail industry in the United States is experiencing near-record financial stress.

Forewarned is Forearmed in the Dean Foods Bankruptcy
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As the fallout from one of the biggest bankruptcies of 2019 begins to settle, we see that credit and procurement professionals who evaluate risk in public companies as a habitual practice are proving to be the best at avoiding unnecessary exposure.

Payment Scores Miss Bankruptcy, While the FRISK® Score Predicts It
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Instead of looking into the past with payment history to gauge danger potential in counterparties, you need to be looking forward with CreditRiskMonitor’s predictive financial risk analytics. 

PAYCE® score Predicts Recent Bankruptcies: Updated Through Q3 2019

Leveraging AI for accurate private company bankruptcy risk assessment, we have been successful in predicting 70% of bankruptcies thus far in 2019 (Q1 through Q3) with the PAYCE® score.

The Perilous Payment Data Dilemma Within Pharma Retail
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Rite Aid Corporation's elevated risk of financial failure might be imperceptible if a credit and procurement managers put too much stock into whether or not the pharma retail mainstay continues to pay bills on time.

Media Coverage

RetailDive recently set out to compile a list of distressed retailers at risk of bankruptcy, using data provided by CreditRiskMonitor's proprietary FRISK® score. In this podcast, author Ben Unglesbee discusses his findings in advance of the 2019 holiday season.

Rite Aid Corporation High Risk Report
High Risk Report

Popular drugstore retailer Rite Aid Corporation's heightened bankruptcy risk coincides with one-time competitor Walgreens swooping in and converting brick-and-mortar stores to their own brand and system.

Fred's Inc. Bankruptcy Case Study
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Retail leader Fred's, Inc. tried to stave off Chapter 11 with new leadership while hundreds of their drugstores closed for good. A household name in much of the U.S., we look at what led to their rapid decline.

Stage Stores Inc.
Blog Post

Stage Stores Inc. is nearly 10 times more likely to face bankruptcy by this time next summer than the typical public company.

PAYCE® score Predicts Recent Bankruptcies: 2019

Leveraging AI for accurate private company bankruptcy risk assessment, we were successful in predicting 70% of bankruptcies thus far in 2019 with the PAYCE® score.

Credit Professionals Should Prepare For Record Losses Tied to U.S. Public Corporations
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CreditRiskMonitor currently estimates that financial losses stemming from U.S. public company bankruptcies alone will be in excess of $1.1 trillion, a greater figure than what was lost during the Great Recession.


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