Year In Review: Bankruptcy Case Studies
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Some big names filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and they all had a few key common indicators. Read our analysis and findings here.

S&P Downgrades China
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Three multi-billion dollar Chinese companies - Yingli, MIE and Ji Lin - each have a highly leveraged capital structure and, if not addressed, could find themselves on the path of corporate failure.

Comstock Resources, Inc. High Risk Report
High Risk Report

CreditRiskMonitor’s proprietary FRISK® score has Texas-based energy company Comstock Resources, Inc. (NYSE: CRK) at a "1," the highest probability of bankruptcy in the next 12 months.

Oct 09, 2027
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CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum answers your follow-up questions from our recent "Dr. Altman on the Mammoth Debt Problem" webinar.

Ten Large Corporations Combating Severe Financial Distress
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For Armstrong Energy, J.Crew and iHeartMedia, most if not all of their assets are liabilities, putting trade creditors in a dangerous position.

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Public company credit risk is more pervasive than you think. Do you know how much is in your portfolio?

Ezra Holdings: The Latest Energy Business Bankruptcy, But Not the Last
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Continued struggles in the energy industry have claimed yet another victim. See the financial red flags to look out for in your oil & gas counterparties.

Bankruptcy Case Studies

Ezra Holdings Limited (SGX:5DN) is a Singapore-based company, which is an offshore contractor and provider of integrated offshore solutions to the oil and gas industry.

The Company filed bankruptcy on March 18, 2017.

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Global solar panel prices appear to be stabilizing after falling off a cliff in 2016. This respite is a welcome relief for solar manufacturers around the world.

Despite rising oil prices, February 2017 Brings Another Oil and Gas Company Bankruptcy Filing (Vanguard Natural Resources LLC)
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Vanguard is the latest oil & gas company to file for Chapter 11. See the signs of growing financial trouble, in this bankruptcy case study.

Bankruptcy Case Studies

Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC is focused on the acquisition and development of oil and natural gas properties in the United States.

The Company filed bankruptcy on February 1, 2017.

 Fact or Myth: Is Oil Company Credit Risk Really Back to Normal?
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Credit challenges in the oil patch aren’t over yet.  Drill, baby, drill … with caution.


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