J.Crew Group, Inc.

Being one of the first major retailers derailed by COVID-19? Such a fate was hardly fashionable. Determining where it all went wrong for J.Crew Group, Inc. begins with a scrutinous look at the company's FRISK® score.

For the past several years, J.Crew Group's FRISK® score has been entrenched at a "1," which indicated that the company was anywhere between 10-to-50x more likely to face bankruptcy than the average public company:

J.Crew Group, Inc. FRISK® score

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About Bankruptcy Case Studies

CreditRiskMonitor® Bankruptcy Case Studies provide post-filing analyses of public company bankruptcies. Our case studies educate subscribers about methods they can apply to assess bankruptcy risk using our proprietary FRISK® score, robust financial database, and timely news alerts.

In nearly every case, a low FRISK® score gave our subscribers early warning of financial distress within a one-year time horizon. Our proprietary FRISK® score predicts bankruptcy risk at public companies with 96% accuracy. The score is formulated by a number of indicators including stock market capitalization and volatility, financial ratios, bond agency ratings from Moody’s, Fitch and DBRS, and crowdsourced behavioral data from a subscriber group that includes 35% of the Fortune 1000 and thousands more worldwide.

Whether you are new to credit analysis or have decades of experience under your belt, CreditRiskMonitor® Bankruptcy Case Studies offer unique insights into the business and financial decline that precedes bankruptcy.