The Global Debt Problem

Make sure you have a way to monitor financial risk in public companies - if you aren't proactive, you may be facing trouble.

The Global Debt Problem
A global crisis is growing.

Global debt is higher than it's ever been, driven by historically low interest rates. Risky industries like retail, oil & gas and printing & publishing make headlines daily and are even riskier now than they were at the start of the Great Recession.

In fact, more companies are likely to fail in the 12 months of 2020 than when the Great Recession first began in late 2007. And as this benign credit cycle continues, the debt problem grows even larger.

There’s been a huge growth [in debt-to-GDP] mainly because investors are searching for yield. When investors search for yield, it’s 'risk on.' And we’ve been in a benign cycle and people let their guard down when things are going so well. 

Dr. Ed Altman
Max L. Heine Professor of Finance
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