Customer Testimonials

See why leading companies, including more than 35% of the Fortune 1000, plus thousands more worldwide, rely upon our company to help them stay ahead of financial risk quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

We are very pleased with CreditRiskMonitor. The data analysis displays, quick links, news alerts, industry and peer benchmarking are useful risk management tools to functional areas beyond Credit from both an objective and subjective perspective.  Enhancements are launched in the promised time frames, and the usergroups provide meaningful logic, economic briefs and information to support scoring mechanisms.

Credit ManagerA. Schulman Inc.

The service is great. It is an integral part of our Credit Department.

Director of CreditAEP Industries

We are very pleased with your service. The power and timeliness of your reports is second to none. We are finding a great amount of information at our command, and in today's business world this is vital to our business decisions. THANK YOU.

Harry CushmanDirector of CreditBerlin Packaging LLC

The Trade Contributor Reports give me lots of ways to analyze my accounts, helping me to manage my receivables. These reports help me react, and will help me to be more proactive at targeting those slow and potentially slow customers.

Martha RamkissoonCredit/Collection AnalystBridgestone Aircraft Tire, USA

CreditRiskMonitor saves me a lot of time. Your staff is great, very helpful and I always appreciate their assistance.

Tom BriandCorporate Credit ManagerChemtrade Logistics Inc.

Your portfolio risk history highlighted that one of our customers was "at risk," causing us to take action to reduce our exposure. We knew there were issues, but CreditRiskMonitor demonstrated the degree to which we were at risk. If we are able to reduce our exposure to the levels we wish, and this customer does default, CreditRiskMonitor will have paid for itself many times over.

Manager, Credit and CollectionsDelphi Corporation

CreditRiskMonitor plays a key role in helping me achieve superb results year after year. With quick web access to daily updated information such as press releases, financials, SEC data, stock performance, institution risk ratings, industry peer comparisons and supplier payment history, CreditRiskMonitor contains virtually everything I need to manage my U.S. portfolio from a credit risk analysis perspective. It is equally effective in providing data to analyze incoming potential customers as well for reviewing and validating credit lines of existing clients. In my role as Global Credit Manager, I am also pleased to note a growing list of international companies and accompanying pertinent data and payment history.

With so many options and sources of information available to Credit and Finance executives, I’ve found CreditRiskMonitor to be critical in my everyday decision making process. Thank you, CreditRiskMonitor, for providing such a well-designed, efficient and valuable solution.  

RICHARD JUDE MATISManager, Global Credit and CollectionsFerro

Just a quick word to thank you for the help you've provided us this past year. During the course of the year, we were able to develop our own credit scoring system that utilizes many of the ratios that are readily available in your service. Consistency, timeliness, and accuracy are vital in our analysis and CreditRiskMonitor is simply a perfect tool for our needs.

Angelo CristofanilliConseiller Gestion du risquéHydro-Quebec

As a user of the Financial Statement Sourcing product, I find the service to be of immense help in providing me with a more detailed look at our customers financial information. The procedure for having their team load the information is simple and easy for my company and the returns to HYG are strong. HYG highly values the scoring and analysis contained in the product. The CreditRiskMonitor product provides our credit underwriting team and users with excellent investigative and reference support. HYG management has been highly impressed with the additional service provided by CreditRiskMonitor.

STEVE TOMLINSONCredit ManagerHyster-Yale Group Inc.

By sending my trade files to CreditRiskMonitor, I am able to get a much better picture of how our customers are performing. It has become an important part of our process. Their Action Reports and Receivables Snapshot Report are very easy to understand and provide great insights into our portfolio’s receivables at risk and payment performance. Excellent information that is right at our fingertips without us having to spend hours of analysis to obtain!"

GLENN LIFIERIHead of Global Credit ManagementLonza

I rely on CreditRiskMonitor almost exclusively. I am very impressed with how much up to date and useful information is available. Plus, the one-on-one customer support is a nice complement to the service. I have never seen a more reliable and useful resource for all my credit needs.

Credit AnalystPAREXEL International

The Confidential Financial Statement tool, specifically the Shortcut Statement, has been a great supplement to the analysis tools that we use. The Shortcut Statement allows us to quickly enter those key totals of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for a calculated risk rating that confirms our independent analysis or alerts us of possible financial concerns.

Seth LeBlancCredit AnalystPlacid Refining Company

In my 35 year career in commercial credit management, I have experimented with a number of credit sources. I use CreditRiskMonitor as a staple source in my credit investigations and continuing updates for my database. I have found CreditRiskMonitor to be an invaluable asset. The report formats are the most friendly and usable to us, offering several options to customize data to suit our needs.

Their FRISK® score is extremely reliable, and, the continuous monitoring & email alerts help us remain proactive in managing risk.

BILL SMITHCorporate Credit ManagerSimmons Prepared Foods

I can't think of a thing that CreditRiskMonitor could do that would provide us with better information. Taylor Corporation is an extremely satisfied customer.

Steven MarshDirector of CreditTaylor Corporation

Excellent tool at a manageable price for our public companies and some payment experience on private companies… you can set your portfolio so you receive all news on a particular company including earnings releases, SEC filings, debt ratings changes etc. One of the big benefits from my perspective is all the ratios calculated for you. <h3>It's like having a credit analyst.</h3>

MICHAEL T. HART ICCE, Manager, Credit & ReceivablesTimken

As a customer of CreditRiskMonitor these last several years, I've been more than satisfied. I've had the opportunity to avail myself to most of the major commercial credit reporting services out there. CreditRiskMonitor is among the most comprehensive in terms of both quality of information, format for easy readability and quick reference along with overall price competitiveness in the market. Our largest individual credit exposure centers around publicly traded companies. It is here where I find your service most relevant to assure a fair and accurate assessment of their financial strength and resulting credit line determination, due to your excellent reporting and financial analysis.

Ron FountainCredit, Collections & Accounts Receivable ManagerTrue Textiles, Inc.

CreditRiskMonitor has continued to run rings around the old competitor with rapid responses and the ability to analyze customer performance from a 360 degree perspective. Thanks very much for making our job easier by supplying the valuable tools that credit managers need on a daily basis.

Credit ManagerAn Apparel Manufacturer

CreditRiskMonitor is exceptional at meeting our needs regardless of what we ask or how quickly we need it. They have a passion to please and show remarkable skills at finding the correct data regardless in what continent, country, state or city an account resides. CreditRiskMonitor is truly an extension of my team. They love to make us look good.

It just doesn't get any better than that.

Director of Credit OperationsAn $8 Billion Food Company

We were able to avoid a $100K loss by using CreditRiskMonitor’s service. Because we received timely information and updates on finances, we placed a large company on credit hold long before they filed bankruptcy. Had we not used this service, we would have continued to release orders without realizing the risk.

Credit ManagerA $5 Billion Supplier of Facilities Maintenance Products

CreditRiskMonitor is the best, most accurate, and easy-to-read credit risk information company out there, filling the gap in this market for public companies. CreditRiskMonitor is an irreplaceable source of the latest and most comprehensive information about public companies.

Corporate Credit AnalystFortune 500 Office Retailer

CreditRiskMonitor is a step above all the others. It’s immediate, and it’s always there, all in one place, an efficient snapshot of the financials we need. It helps keep our turnaround times quick, our risk down and our sales up.

Global Credit ManagerFortune 500 Plastics Manufacturer

CreditRiskMonitor has been a part of our risk assessment for less than a year, and we were already saved from a six figure loss by the information provided by this service. The timeliness of information provided led us to the correct decision on a multi-billion dollar company that has now filed for bankruptcy. I just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work.

Credit ManagerAn Independent Oil Company

...CreditRiskMonitor is setting new, unprecedented standards of quality for the market of financial information... it has become an icon of performance excellence in the corporate credit world and through its combination of abundant information, accurate analysis and interactive communication with its customers... a one stop financial mall for fresh and reliable credit information...that I use daily for accurate and timely risk related decisions.

Credit AnalystA Major Chemical Company

We have been using CreditRiskMonitor for over two years and find the information to be timely, accurate and very helpful in the financial evaluation of our customer base.

A most useful tool that we highly recommend

to our fellow credit professionals.

Treasury ManagerA Major Private Manufacturer

The "Manage Confidential Financials" facility is extremely useful - it has saved me many hours of time organizing and evaluating the financial statement data I collect from customers. And it is just one way the CreditRiskMonitor subscription cost is paid for, many times over.

Financial Analyst Natural Gas Distribution Utility

My company has been a user of CreditRiskMonitor for over 4 years. I have been very impressed with the speed of notification of reports, analysis and news items concerning my customer base.

The site continually improves, adding value

to the small subscription cost. Customer service is absolutely the best!

Credit ManagerA $2 Billion Canadian Mining Company

As a procurement professional, I'm concerned about the financial health of current and prospective suppliers. CreditRiskMonitor is a powerful service, offering a wealth of information with a few mouse clicks. I particularly like the e-mail alerts I get on companies I select for monitoring. Recently, CreditRiskMonitor sent me an announcement regarding my own company *before* I received the internal e-mail. Impressive!

VP ProcurementWaste Industry