Public company risk is ever-present. Check back for the latest news and advice from CreditRiskMonitor.

Public company financial risk can impact cash flow, supply chain and reputation.

Do you know the truth about public company financial risk? We finally put five very common myths to rest. The truth may surprise you.

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Supplier business failure often goes undetected, but can be caught early, if procurement executives know where to look. Here's a short quiz to check your awareness of supply chain financial risks.

New tool simplifies industry financial analysis, easy as using pre-sliced vegetables!

Now, there's an easier way to add an industry perspective to your credit assessments. The FRISK® Stress Index is the risk manager's equivalent of having precut vegetables in the kitchen.

The 121-year-old iconic retailer has been on bankruptcy watch for several years now.  But Sears is still around -- and our view is the probability of bankruptcy this year is not as high as widely assumed.

Supplier scorecarding and vendor audits are a critical piece of managing supplier risk at Duke Energy, a global utility with $25 billion in sales and over 30K employees.

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Hancock Fabrics' Business Bankruptcy

When problems persist quarter after quarter, bankruptcy is likely. To recognize the early warning signs, you simply need to know how to read the patterns.

Frisk Stress Index

“You probably won’t read anything like this in the Wall Street Journal or elsewhere that we’re aware of. This is good data gathered in the trenches and is flashing warning signs.”

That’s what Credit Today magazine had to say about the new CreditRiskMonitor FRISK® Stress Index in a recent review. They went as far as calling it “the holy grail of leading indicators.”

We’re honored, of course, but what does the index mean to you?